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Rick Shaw's replacement: bad news for oldies fans

Bruce Kelly will replace Rick Shaw as the morning man on WMXJ on May 14 when Shaw retires after more than 50 years on South Florida radio. Kelly's name may be familiar to some South Florida listeners; he worked at the top 40 stations WMJX (known as 96X, it eventually morphed into WPOW, Power 96) and WHYI (still doing business as Y-100 all these years later) from 1979 to 1981.

But it's Kelly's most recent job that holds a clue to the future of WMXJ: He developed the all-'80s music channel at XM Satellite Radio. WMXJ has remade its oldies format over the past few years, dropping '50s music altogether and steadily phasing out '60s records in favor of the 1970s. Kelly's arrival almost certainly presages a WMXJ that plays only 1970s and '80s material. I wouldn't be surprised if this time next year, a British Invasion weekend on WMXJ will mean lots of Bananarama and Culture Club records. Oh well. The Beatles were fun while they lasted.


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I think you are drawing incorrect conclusions. Magic adjusted their playlist about a year ago, shifting from - what sounded to me like - a focus on 1963 - 1968 to their more contempoary 1968 - 1972, with a little fudging on either side. Please, if you are going to write about radio, it might be a good idea to actually listen to one from time to time, and not try to state as fact something you clearly know nothing about.

Elizabeth Alvarez

I have been listening to the "oldies" before they were old. When I was 8 or 9 before I went to sleep, I use to turn my radio on and listen to WQAM and Rick Shaw, the last song was "Goodnight My Love." I have been an avid listener of Majic 102.7 for many years, and my favorite era was the "Disco" music, because it was my "party time years." I would hope that Majic would include this era of music more often, especially Friday and Saturday nites.

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