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Screens: TV the week of April 22

Sherman's March (9 p.m. Sunday, History Channel) -- What happens to a general who orders his men to Sherman starve the local population by burning crops, killing livestock, destroying transportation infrastructure and stealing food from civilians? Well, if he's on the losing side, he probably gets hung as a war criminal. If he's with the winner -- as Union Gen. William Sherman was during the Civil War -- he's acclaimed as a war hero. This harrowing, horrifying account of Sherman's 1864 march across Georgia, if nothing else, certainly verifies Sherman's famous observation that "war is hell."

American Masters: Summer of Love (10 p.m. Monday, WPBT-PBS 2) -- A documentary about the cultural and political high-water mark of the Baby Boom, the summer of 1967 in San Francisco, when all you needed was love and maybe a Jefferson Airplane record or two. Of course, soon to come were the Manson Family, Altamont and the anti-war movement's Days of Rage, but man, you're spoiling my buzz.

The Real Wedding Crashers (10 p.m. Monday, NBC) -- Ashton Kutcher and the rest of the Punk'D crew take on weddings in this hidden-camera series about wedding pranks performed by improve comedians disguised as guests, caterers and even pest exterminators. At the end, do we find out that whole Kutcher/Demi Moore wedding thing was a hoax?

Cities of the Underworld (9 p.m. Monday, History Channel) -- A documentary series about the tunnels and abandoned train lines that run beneath city streets may sound like it ranks only slightly above putting out your eyes with a red-hot poker in terms of a television experience. But come on, how can you resist an opening episode titled Edinburgh -- Scotland’s Sin City? I mean, what did they find down there? Unused postage stamps? Light switches left on in the daytime for a hundred years?


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