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I blame it all on 'West Wing'

Personally, I've been conducting a one-man boycott of everything to do with the 2008 presidential Debategop election on the grounds that the whole business was nauseatingly repetitive and mindlessly boring even when it lasted only 11 months. Dragging it out two years, it seems to me, is an excellent argument for a return to monarchy.

But apparently I'm losing the argument. Tuesday night's Republican debate on Fox News was the most popular yet, drawing 2.44 million viewers to Fox News. That's an amazing number given that the first primary is seven months away. Even more amazing, the audience is increasing by leaps and bounds. It's up 43 percent over the Republican debate televised by MSNBC on May 3, and up 15 percent over the Democratic debate on MSNBC on April 26. Look out, Grey's Anatomy.


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Humm -- Fox News viewers are interested in 10 old white guys cheerleading torture, Gitmo, and Reagan?

Sounds like a dog bites man story to me.

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