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MyNetworkTV gets real

Hey, remember all those stories about how American TV viewers were finally read to embrace telenovelas? April Fool! They hated a daily schedule of novelas, so much so that MyNetworkTV has officially abandoned them. The net's new schedule for the fall doesn't include a single one. Instead, it's Mynetworktv got some off-brand sports (martial arts and beach volleyball), two nights of theatrical movies and lots and lots and lots of reality shows.

The latter include programs about mean police instructors (The Academy), mean inmates (Jail), mean couples (Divorce Wars) and mean in-laws (Meet The Folks). And for a mid-season replacement, there's one about mean newspaper editors. (Prospective titles include Death To All Adjectives and I Don't Care If You Have Leukemia, Finish Your Story.) OK, I made up the part about the editors, but everything else is true, as you'll see in September.


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