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'The Sopranos': Upon further review...

Here's what I wrote in Monday's weekly blog item on The Sopranos:

The episode ends with Tony out in the desert like a wiseguy version version of Carlos Castaneda, watching the sun rise and cackling as he shouts, "I did i!" You can almost hear the faint echo bouncing back: And you got away with it...

But after hearing some dissenting voices from viewers, I rechecked my TiVo recording, and I was Tonychris_2 wrong: What Tony yells is, "I get it!" Sorry for the mistake -- evil Showtime publicists must have been using their remote-hypnosis trick on me again -- but I think if anything, the words I get it strengthen my point: Tony has concluded that neither God nor even moral accountability exist in the universe. He murdered Christopher, a kid who was like a son to him, and the sun still came up. Tony can get away with anything he wants, at least as far as the cosmos is concerned. The Justice Department and Phil Leotardo's New York family may be another matter.

WIN A ZILLION DOLLARS: Well, okay, that's an exaggeration of about $99 gajillion. But honest, we're giving away a set of DVDs of The Sopranos' first six seasons, and we've extended the deadline for the contest to May 18. All you gotta do: Tell me how the show will end. RICO indictments? Shallow graves in the woods? Sexual reassignment surgery for Paulie Walnuts? Email me your idea of how it all will end at ggarvin@MiamiHerald.com.


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Strange -- Paul Brownfield at the LA Times also thought Tony shouted "I did it!"

"I get it!" definitely fits better with the peyote buttons and the desert....

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