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TV viewers say the darndest things

Ncis One of the great things about being a newspaper critic is that you know you'll never miss anything good on TV -- the readers always let you know. Here's a note I got this morning from a devoted fan of a show I don't regularly watch, NCIS, about the show's season finale Tuesday night:

"A drug mule dies, and a gunman – who happens to be the boyfriend of the mule’s junkie sister -- forces a doctor to cut him open to get the heroin. She does, a struggle ensues and when they get the gunman under control, they look up and see the junkie SNORTING THE DRUGS OUT OF HER BROTHER’S DISEMBOWELED BODY CAVITY."

And people wonder why I love my job.

Update: I just heard from another reader, complaining about the series finale of Jordan's Crossing earlier this week. Shot before the producers knew that Jordan's Crossing had been canceled and it would be the last episode, the show had the plane carrying coroner Jordan Cavanaugh and her colleagues crash in the middle of a snowstorm in a New England mountain range. Everybody survived the crash, which, according to my faithful reader, set up the perfect ending for the series: "They all turn cannibal and eat each other." Some truly disturbing people read this blog.


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