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Was that 'The Sopranos" or "The Outer Limits"?

All we were missing was the sonorous baritone of that announcer -- There is nothing wrong with your television set, do not attempt to adjust the picture -- and that blackout that ended The Sopranos 764sopranos_skybox_prod_affiliate_5 Sunday night would have been complete. Here's my review of the series finale, and I'll be along towards daylight with the last of my regular Monday-morning blog posts on the show. But right now I want to go play You Keep Me Hanging On by the Vanilla Fudge, the psychedelic slooooooooooowdown of the Supremes' tune, which 40 years ago I think would have been the unanimous selection of America's 20 million teenagers as The Song Least Likely Ever To Be Played On Network Television Unless Someone Slips Acid Into Dick Clark's Clearasil. And yet there it was on The Sopranos, teasing us to Phil Leotardo's unfortunate encounter with an SUV. (I guess Al Gore was right about those things.)

And hey, remember that contest we were running asking you to write your own ending to The Sopranos? Well, here's a story about all the entries. If your name is in it, by the way, we've probably already alerted local mental-health authorities of your whereabouts and relative degree of dangerousness.


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Hey, thanks for the shoutout -- good writing.

But what the heck happened at the end? Never thought I'd see Chase chicken out like that. Was he flashing back to the old Rockford days?

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