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Ending the Sunday-night NFL blues

It happens every fall: NFL games on Fox and CBS run long, screwing up the Sunday night's prime-time schedule -- especially for anybody who has TiVo or another DVR service. You think your TiVo is going to pick up Cold Case only to discover that it started 20 minutes late and your recording doesn't include the end of the show.

Well, CBS is doing something about it. This fall, by registering at www.CBS.com, www.CBSNews.com, or www.Sportsline.com, you can sign up for a new service called CBS Eye-lert. It will send you an email or a phone text-message any time one of the network's games runs past 7 p.m. The message will give the specific start time for all the prime-time shows affected by the late game. CBS is also working with TiVo to offer an option that would automatically reprogram your TiVo settings anytime a game runs late, but that's still a ways off.

Now, if CBS could just figure out a way to send text messages alerting us to when the Dolphins will develop a running game...


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