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Maybe this is why John Travolta is wearing a dress in 'Hairspray'?

Wondering why female movie stars like Holly Hunter and Glenn Close are suddenly turning up in TV Fox_press_tours_la107 series? Julianna Margulies, who's also returning to TV on Fox's legal drama Canterbury's Law six years after she left E.R., says television is more female-friendly. The meaty roles are increasingly for women, she says, with men relegated to nice but piffly background parts.

"Nothing personal, but it's about time. I am so sick of every script I get for a film, it's the girlfriend of, the wife of," Margulies says. "It's always the shadow... Women aren't seen for their full potential in film the way they are in television. So to be in the company of Holly Hunter and Glenn Close, I get why they're doing their shows. They're not getting offered that in film."

Margulies said she was reluctant to take the role in Canterbury's Law because weekly hour-long dramas are done on a killer schedule. But she eventually concluded that even if TV is a grind, it's the best place for her. "If you're artistic and you want to work and you want to work with good people, for women, television is a great medium," she said. It's the real gift of television -- that it celebrates women."


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