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Screens: TV the week of July 22

Damages (10 p.m. Tuesday, FX) -- This new legal drama starring Glenn Close as a high-powered and Damage1 savagely competitive attorney and Rose Byrne as her young protégé starts out like a clone of The Firm. Then it turns into something infinitely more layered and sinister, with Machiavellian machinations within machinations. You can't even sort out the victims from the victimizers, much less the good guys and girls from the bad.

Saving Grace (10 p.m. Monday, TNT) -- Holly Hunter stars as Grace Hanadarko, a hard-boiled cop who talks back to her superiors too much, sleeps around even more, and you don't even want to know
about the drinking. When she drunkenly runs down a pedestrian one night, her desperate plea for somebody, anybody to help summons a no-nonsense celestial messenger played by Leon Rippy. Think of it as Smacked Around By An Angel.


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Chris Love

It seems to me that "Saving Grace," the new TV show highly advertised on TNT beginning Monday 7/23 is a misguided Hollywood depiction of Christianity.

From what I have seen so far it is a "watered down" version of God's presence. It's shocking and creates a surprising expectation of what an angel is or should be.

Having a tobacco spitting, nondenominational angel as a character, can be I'm sure very entertaining to a broad range of viewers. Does this portrayal pass on the message to start doing the right thing, or does it create a big comfort zone when doing the wrong thing?

Although I must say it is a personal issue with me, since I am the author of "If I Could Do Life Again." The story illustrates the same premise about a drunk driver who is visited by an angel to help with a second chance at life. Tate Publishing out of a Mustang, Oklahoma released this book in 2005, which is still available through Amazon,Wal*Mart, and most major retailers.

Chris Love

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