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Toilet journalism

Urinal Fox is circulating among critics the pilot episode of Canterbury's Law, a legal drama starring Julianna Margulies that's scheduled to debut sometime after the first of the year. Magulies is a bad-girl defense attorney who breaks all the rules -- and just to make sure the audience understands that, she even pursues a male colleague into the men's room to argue about a case. "Why are TV writers so fascinated with men's bathrooms?" asked a critic. "Virtually every drama, especially courtroom dramas, has a scene with men in the bathroom."

Walon Green, one of the show's executive producers, was johnny-on-the-spot with an answer."The urinal is actually an ideal place to shoot something, because it's not a stall," he explained professorially. "It's not enclosed. It's open. It offers opportunities for different angles and good [camera] coverage, and there's also sound potential." And you probably thought it was just the smutty sense of humor of TV producers.


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