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What a relief! No space aliens in the Everglades after all

Remember ABC's drama Invasion a couple of years ago, in which murderous hybrid gill people teemed Invasion through the Everglades snatching the bodies of innocent South Floridians (oxymoron alert!) and even took over Homestead? We thought they were space aliens, but that turns out to have been a tragically false smear on the civic reputation of Homestead. Tyler Labine, who played the conspiracy nut Dave Groves, says the truth would have come out if Invasion had been picked up for a second season.

"You would have found out it was not at all an alien invasion, but an evolutionary step," said Labine, who was on the critics' press tour to promote his new CW show Reaper. "It was all based on an evolutionary divide here on Earth -- water people, land people." So human civilization was being threatened not by space alients, but by fish. Well, as Emily Litella used to say, never mind.


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