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The Dolphins are roasting in Hell, and Joel and I are laughing about it

Dolphins My Miami Herald colleague Barry Jackson has a column in Friday's paper about the gleeful and highly laudable vindictiveness of WAXY radio owner Joel Feinberg toward the Miami Dolphins. Feinberg's station (SportsTalk 790, as it brands itself) lost Dolphin broadcast rights to WAM this season -- just in time to miss the team's heroic self-immolation, an 0-3 start that has effectively ended its chances at the playoffs a full four months before they start. Feinberg has been harassing WQAM with needling phone calls and emails, cackling about what a crummy team the station is stuck with, and he's going to keep it up. ''They haven't won a [expletive] game, and I'm taking satisfaction they're getting what's coming to them,'' Feinberg told Jackson. "It's karma. How can you ask for $4.5 million for your rights when you don't perform continually year after year? I'm [expletive] happy as a pig in [expletive] right now.''

Barry seems faintly dismayed by the WAXY owner's behavior -- "shocking," he calls it -- but I'm with Feinberg. I've been delighting in the Dolphins' bad karma ever since they traded Guy Benjamin back in 1979 and installed the incompetent David Woodley as quarterback. They'd never win another Super Bowl, I said back at the time, and they never have. Now I'm wondering if they'll ever win another game. Hey, pass me some of those voodoo needles, Sid.


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I don't know about this. Doesn't it smack of sour grapes? The premise of Feinberg's jab is that, if the Dolphins are losing, their ratings must be going down. Yet Barry doesn't report that in the story, does he?

And we all know that The Ticket bid for and lost the Dolphins' rights this year, following successive bad seasons by the Fish when they were broadcast on The Ticket. So their losing the last three or four years didn't affect Feinberg's desire to re-sign the team this year, did it?

And I suspect Feinberg will be bidding for them next year too, despite his glee in their awful season, which presumably would depress sports radio ratings all around, since the Dolphins are mostly what all the stations talk about anyway.

But Feinberg does have those conquering heroes, the Panthers, to take solace in.....

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