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Whither the weatherman?

Donnoe A career path that began 50 years ago when lightning struck his treehouse drew near to the end Thursday night when WPLG-ABC 10 weatherman Don Noe announced his retirement during the station's 11 p.m. newscast.

''I'm always going to get up in the morning and check the forecast,'' Noe -- who's been a TV meteorologist for 34 years, 27 of them at WPLG -- told The Miami Herald. ``But I want to do other things in my life. . . . I'm weathered out. I'm old and weathered. I don't want to work for somebody anymore. I don't want a boss.''

Noe will deliver his last forecast Nov. 28, then give way to Trent Aric, his understudy at WPLG the past 3 ½ years. His bosses say they'll miss him, and that viewers will, too.

''South Florida was lucky to know Don Noe for 27 years,'' said Bill Pohovey, WPLG's news director. ``He was always the calm, reassuring voice when hurricanes were threatening our community. He worked around the clock, catching the occasional nap on the floor, because he knew he had such a tremendous responsibility.''

Not that it's all been grim hurricane duty for Noe, 56. Stunts like doing a broadcast standing on his head -- we'll get to that in a minute -- won Noe a national reputation for unconventionality. He appeared in a People magazine spread on ''wacky weathermen,'' even did a guest shot on Hollywood Squares. Read the rest of the story from Friday's Miami Herald.


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