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A double standard at MSNBC over the word 'pimp'?

David Shuster is still suspended from working at MSNBC or mothership NBC News for remarking that Chelsea Clinton was being "pimped out" by her mother Hillary on the campaign trail. "NBC News takes these matters seriously, and offers our sincere regrets to the Clintons for the remarks," a network spokesman said last week as Shuster was booted from the air.

Oddly, though, MSNBC's top host Keith Olbermann used the same expression five months ago referring to President Bush and Gen. David Petraeus -- and he was neither suspended nor required to make an on-air apology, as Shuster was. Is that because there's one rule for reporters and another for $4 million a year hosts? Or is there one rule for the Clintons, and another for U.S. soldiers?


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Mike Ochs

Keep that wingnut propaganda going, Garvin.

Dick Hertz

What about those colored fellows on MTV with Pimp My Ride? Go after then too Glenn!

Jack is Back!

Glenn is correct to ask this question. It has nothing to do with left versus right or even wingnuts on either side. It is a legitimate journalism and editorial discipline question. MTV is not part of NBC. NBC owns MSNBC, Shuster works for both. The fact is - like in Imus - there are double standards for certain personalities and for the language they use. I'd love to hear the PR response to Glenn's question from NBC.

Oh Please

Chelsea Clinton was doing something well within her rights to do as an American, namely supporting her mother. General Petraeus was doing something NO member of the military should be expected to do, namely being used as a political pawn.

Unless Gen. Petraeus is George Bush's son and not a member of the military, the situations are not equal. Garvin owes Mr. Olbermann an apology.

The Man

I see the point. Garvin didn't come up with this him,self. A quick search indicates that the point was raised by a number of republican bloggers earlier.

But strictly speaking, Petreus WAS pimped out by the Bush Administration. Previously, top military men were not used as advocates for patently political purposes as the general was in this instance.

search engine placement

I think he just called it as he saw it.

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