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Super Tuesday projections: Fox was quick as a, well, fox

When it came to projecting winners during Super Tuesday election-night coverage, Fox News was usually first, and CNN usually last -- sometimes, way last. Fox News beat CNN by nearly an hour in calling winners in the Democratic primaries in both Missouri and Massachusetts. Take a look at these projection times:

Missouri for Barack Obama: Fox 12:32 a.m.; MSNBC  12:40; CNN 1:23.

New Jersey for Hillary Clinton: Fox 9:10 p.m.; MSNBC 9:20; CNN 9:49.

Massachusetts for Clinton: Fox 8:52 p.m.; MSNBC 9; CNN 9:46.

Missouri for John McCain: Fox 11:52 p.m.; MSNBC 12:16 a.m.; CNN 12:27.   

California for McCain: Fox 12:13 a.m.; MSNBC 12:14; CNN 12:25

New York for McCain: MSNBC 9:10 p.m.; Fox 9:18; CNN 9:20.

Massachusetts for Mitt Romney: Fox 9:01 p.m.; MSNBC 9:02; CNN 9:09.

California for Clinton: MSNBC 12:12 a.m.; Fox 12:13; CNN 12:14.

On the other hand, some calls didn't take long at all, for anybody. When the polls closed in New York at 9 p.m., all three cable news channels within seconds named Clinton the winner of the Democratic primary.

Being the fastest in making projections sometimes comes at the expense of accuracy, but none of the networks blew any calls Tuesday night. The same cannot be said for their print brethren. Both big wire services, AP and Reuters, mistakenly proclaimed Clinton the winner in Missouri shortly after 11 p.m.


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I think that all of the primaries should be on the same night.

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