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Shelley Ross axed at 'The Early Show'

Shelley Ross, much-ballyhooed when she was named senior executive producer of CBS' The Early Show six months ago, was unceremoniously dumped Thursday. Ross, a 1974 grad of the University of Miami,  was supposed to lift the early newscast out of its ratings doldrums (it languishes instead as a distant third to NBC's Today and ABC's Good Morning America). But instead of adding viewers, she mostly subtracted staffers: Reportedly, more than 20 have quit since she took over. Her interim replacement is Rick Kaplan, who also produces Katie Couric's evening newscast. Seems unlikely he'll be able to do both for long.


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Shelley Ross also started her first job in the Miami area in Lantana for the National Enquirer where she rose to an Editor during her career there. Her career at ABC ended when the rejection of her encompassed even the show hosts. The same scenario repeated at CBS. Recent print reports about Ms. Ross use the words "ranting," "tumultous," "mean, "tequila swigging," and the target of huge numbers of employee complaints. Shelley now has secured a position on the President's Council at her old Alma Mater.

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