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American democracy: One step forward, one step back

If you need a warm-up for Tuesday's Pennsylvania primary, TV offers a couple of them on Monday night. One is a pleasant surprise: Tony Snow, who left his job as White House press secretary last September after his colon cancer spread to his brain, has regained enough of his health to join CNN as a conservative commentator. Snow, who hosted shows on Fox News before taking the White House job, will make his first CNN appearance during the second hour of Larry King's Monday night show, then sit in as an analyst on CNN's primary coverage Tuesday.

If you think King's Hollywood gab fest is a slightly declasse venue for Snow's first gig, then stop reading right now. Because the other news is that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are appearing on the USA Network's pro-wrestling brawl Monday Night Raw at 8 p.m. No word yet on what they'll do -- dodge Bosnian sniper fire and taunt NRA gun nuts, maybe. Whatever happened to kissing babies?


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