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Fangs for nothing, 'Moonlight' fans

These campaigns to save TV shows from cancellation are getting out of hand. All those peanuts sent to CBS on behalf of Jericho were one thing, but now fans of the network's vampire drama Moonlight, worried that it's on the chopping block, are sending blood -- 3,000 pints so far. This would be a far more interesting item if they were mailing it directly to CBS programming honcho Nina Tassler, but the recipient is instead the Red Cross. So far. Moonlight, by the way, returns with four new episodes starting April 25.


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How is donating blood to SAVE LIVES worse than Jericho fans inundating CBS with peanuts? This blood drive is about Moonlight fans banding together for a worthy cause while showing support for our favorite show. It will help bring awareness to our country's constant need for more donors, especially in the wake of tragic events like the LA County wildfires, and the emphasis is on the LA Blood Bank that saved so many lives last fall. Even fans from other countries are sending monetary donations to the Red Cross in the name of Moonlight!

And the show's charismatic lead, Alex O'Loughlin, has been so moved by the outpouring of fan support for this worthy cause that he plans to take time from his busy, 16 hour days/6 days a week schedule to get involved. He's planning to become a spokesman for the Red Cross, which makes me believe we fans have already succeeded.

With only 12 episodes under it's belt, Moonlight has already united fans across the world. But instead of sending meaningless trinkets like other shows, we're actually DOING SOMETHING to help the community. Thousands of people from all over the country are willing to give their own blood to support this show and its phenomenal cast and writers, and it's not even considered in immediate danger of cancellation. It's even motivated those who are terrified of needles, like me, to join the crusade to save lives while we try to save our show, and that's a real accomplishment.

They say every pint of blood saves 3 lives. If all 4,500+ fans who've already signed up donate, that's 13,500 lives saved...and the drive is still weeks away. That amounts to way more than peanuts!

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