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Old sideline reporters never die...

Zombiestrip1 Everybody talks about the Seinfeld Curse. But how come nobody ever brings up the ABC Sideline Reporter Curse? Back in 1974, ABC hired the first two sideline reporters, a couple of young guys named Don Tollefson and Jim Lampley, to work its college football telecasts. Tollefson, now a sportscaster in Philadelphia, earlier this month was confined to bed for six weeks after a car wreck left him with serious back injuries. The fate of Lampley, who these days does boxing matches for HBO, is even worse. Over the weekend, I spotted him in the new movie Zombie Strippers, which is everything you might expect from the title. Not that it's without some thoughtful moments. In one, a stripper who likes to read Nietzsche in her dressing room between dances is attacked and killed by zombies. Naturally, she comes back to life, eats several members of the audience, then returns to the dressing room and her book. After reading a few pages, she looks up and exclaims: "This makes so much more sense now!"


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