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'Secret Talents Of The Stars' canceled

CBS has canceled Secret Talents Of The Stars, a bizarre parallel-universe version of Amateur Hour in which you saw stuff like Star Trek's Lt. Sulu singing country ballads, after just a single episode. Even in these days of People Meters and Nielsen overnights, that's a mighty quick hook. Only 10 broadcast network series have been shut down after just one showing: You’re in the Picture (CBS, 1961), Turn-On (ABC, 1969), Co-Ed Fever (ABC, 1979), South of Sunset (CBS, 1993), Public Morals (CBS, 1996), Lawless (Fox, 1997), Dot Comedy (ABC, 2000), The Will (CBS, 2005) and Emily’s Reasons Why Not (ABC, 2006). Though CBS, with five of the 10, is the quickest network to sniff blood, ABC still gets the award for itchiest trigger finger. Turn-On, a ripoff of NBC's top-rated Laugh-In, was actually canceled after half an episode because so many managers at affiliate stations were phoning network headquarters to scream threats. Now you know why Tim Conway, the guest host of that first and only episode, was reduced to making those Dorf on Golf videotapes.


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