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Bruce Kelly's revenge on WMXJ

Hey, what's radio-programmer jargon for "oops''? South Florida oldies station WMXJ fired its morning man Bruce Kelly late last month, saying his ratings were flat. But in the Arbitron ratings released Friday, covering January through March, Kelly's show zoomed from 10th place to fifth in Majic-102's target audience, listeners aged 25 to 64.

The top five stations in the Arbitron ratings: Spanish contemporary WAMR-FM (Radio Amor), Spanish oldies WMCQ-FM (Clasica 92.3), urban contemporary WEDR-FM (99 Jamz), Spanish talk WAQI-AM (Radio Mambi) and urban adult contemporary WQHT-FM (Hot 105).


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Tim Jocha

You call that "revenge"? Do you understand the word? Majic gets to charge more for ads, based on higher ratings, thanks to Kelly's work, and Kelly is still out of a job. A more appropriate headline: "Bruce Kelly screwed by Majic again."


All I can say is that now I can listen to Majic again in the morning since Bruce had made it unlistenable. His abrasive voice and personailty made me change stations


I, for one, am now listening to 101.5. Without Bruce, it's boring -- and still the same song list. C'mon Bob, get with it!

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