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Guess what? Cable service is crummy

It's not exactly shocking news, but satellite-TV customers are happier with their service than cable customers. The annual American Customer Satisfaction Index, produced by pollsters from the University of Michigan, DirecTV scored 68 points out of a possible 100 from customers, while Dish was close behind at 65 -- the two-top-rated companies in the survey. Cable as a whole scored 64, but that rating benefits from the performance of smaller companies like Cablevision. Most of the larger cable companies got lower scores: Time Warner 59, Comcast and Charter 54. So much for the "consumer protection" that comes from government regulation of cable. Consumers get the best service when companies compete, not when they sit back in comfortable government-created monopolies.


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Tim Jocha

How is anyone not 100% satisfied with DirecTV? I haven't had the slightest problem in over 2 years. The best day in my TV watching life was the day I booted Comcast Cable and got DirecTV.


My disatisfaction with DirecTV is the inabilities to have On Demand.


Wow, this is surprising. I have tried both cable and satellite with Directv and Dish network, and they both sucked for me. I went back to cable due to poor signal, and to many other billing issues.

No, I don't live in the sticks, I live near Cincinnati, so I would have thought the signal would have been great.

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