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'Jericho': The show that will not die

Jericho, canceled by CBS for a second time a few weeks ago, is yet again showing signs of life. CBS Jericho_2 Paramount Network Television, which owns the show, is talking to Comcast about a partnership deal in which the show would air first on Comcast, later on CBS. (NBC last month saved another cult favorite with marginal ratings, Friday Night Lights, by striking a similar deal with Direct TV.)

And of course Jericho's few but fierce fans -- who revived the show from a 2007 cancellation by shipping 20 tons of nuts to CBS -- are at it again. Not only are they once again sending out nuts (this time to Nielsen, to protest what they say are flaws in its rating system, and to TV critics, because they cynically but not entirely unrealistically think we're amenable to graft), but they're raising money for full page ads in trade papers like Variety and Hollywood Reporter.

Their canniest move of all may have been buying DVDs of the show and shipping them to U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. CBS programming chief Nina Tassler is a tough cookie, but I think a couple of angry divisions of Marines camped outside her office might scare her more even than her legendary flesh-eating boss Les Moonves.

You can join the fun at jericho4sale.com. That's the Jericho nuts, I mean. To join the Marines, try here.


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Whoo hoo! Long live Jericho!

As a longtime fan, I was actually okay with the ending this time, but it certainly left the door open for more ... say, why is it the shows I like (Jericho, FNL) need special help to stay afloat, while nitwitfests such as Deal or No Deal and American Idol float along? I'm tired of letting the slow class pick our shows.


Thanks for helping to spread the word. Count me among the "fierce" fans of Jericho!


Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

This military family loves Jericho. Go Jericho Rangers!!!!!

Sigmagoose (Lucy Coppes)

Thank you very much for your POSITIVE write up about our efforts! We are working very hard in order for Jericho to yet again rise from the ashes for Season Three. I hope that you enjoyed your wonderful nut tray and thank you again for publishing what the fandom is doing!


Thank you for mentioning Jericho. The fan base is several times larger than the Nielsens and CBS let on. There is a very large online viewership as well as a large audience from around the world. We are gaining new fans everyday, even though Jericho was cancelled on CBS. I have faith that we will get a season 3, 4, ...


Thank you so much for the nice article! The fans will not rest until a new home has been secured for Jericho. This is the only show on television worth watching, so we WILL fight for it! Nielsen has wielded far too much power over what Americans, and even international viewers, are allowed to watch. Relying on the antiquated Nielsen ratings sysyem, networks have been canceling good shows left and right with a swoop of their mighty sword. And with that sword, jobs are lost, lives are altered and viewers are left jaded. We MUST fight for quality programming before we lose an entire generation to this reality show nonsense!


Thanks for the mention but I would hardly call 6+ million fans "few". And that's not counting the viewers who watched online, iTune downloads, etc. By the way, we already ran Variety and Hollywood Reporter ads...


Thank you for the nice article. Though 6 million plus fans isn't exactly a few in my books. And that's the ones that were actually counted by Nielsen, there are many millions more that weren't. And we have already raised the $11,000 plus that was needed for the ads in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. If anyone's interested in donating gift cards or Jericho Season 2 videos to the troops please visit http://www.jerichorangers4ourtroops.com/

Thank you!


Jericho IS the best show out there by far. Once you watch one you just can't stop watching and before you know it you have watched all 29 episodes.


Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about the current efforts to revive Jericho! 6 milliion (not a small number) dedicated fans can't be wrong. We'll do everything we can, until we can't, to save our show!



Thank you for the nice write up about our campaign to save this wonderful show!!! Consider me another of those fierce fans!!!

For anyone interested in the Dvds' For the Troops 2 campaign you can find out how to donate here: http://www.jerichonet2.com/board/showthread.php?t=1691&highlight=troops

General Jack D. Ripper

Jericho had its 2nd chance, nothing is bringing it back this time. I checked out the old CBS boards - what a mess. A few die hards still trying to keep the show alive and thats about it. I recall seeing reruns on Sci-fi channel and then at the end of March they replaced the episodes with years old Stargate episodes. Ratings had to be pretty bad for that to happen. I even sent in some nuts last year, but now? There may have been 6 million viewers but its clear from the CBS boards that there are maybe 100 of them left still pumping the dead corpse. That just aint enough to give it a 3rd life. There is some guy writing fan fiction (its pretty bad) and thats likely about all fans will get. It was a decent show but just never clicked with audiences like LOST and 24 did. Jericho RIP 2006-2008.

Michele (aka NHAQUEES)

What a great article! We will never give up on Jericho, no matter how many times we're pushed down.


Excellent article!! Thanks so much for acknowledging the fans efforts!! Jericho is wonderful, amazing, absolutely fantabulous show that needs a new home!!!

lara aiken

i just wanted to say how much i love this show! thank you for writing about it!
i hope we get a season 3


Thanks for the story, Jericho fans will never give up. Jericho forever

Debby Balcer

I would not call our fan base small but I can understand how it would seem that way to someone who bases the number on Nielsen. I have been around for both campaigns and am proud to call myself a Ranger. While working to save our show we donated $20,000 to Greensburg Kansas and gave season one dvds to the troops. We are a passionate bunch and care about quality television. Thanks for this coverage. I see our resident troll has already posted. Pay his negativity no attention we don't.


Great article! Thanks for helping spread the word. Jericho fans are the best!


Thank you for writing about our efforts. We sent S1 DVDs to the troops and we can't leave them hanging on the cliff! Have to send them S2. And there will be a S3 to sent also.

If you are interested in seeing how you can help check out this site: www.jerichonet2.com.

Thank you.


Thank you very much for your article on Jericho. The DVDs for the troops is just one of the compassionate campaigns of the Jericho fans...last year the fans raised $20,000.00 for the town of Greensburg, Kansas that was devastated by tornadoes. Now the CBS Morning Show will be taking it on the road to Greensburg themselves.

This is my first ever involvement in anything remotely like this...Jericho is the show that brought my eyes back to the network, I am proud to love this show and the folks connected to it.


The cast, crew, and fans of Jericho have a much stronger constitution -- maybe not as much money or resources -- but a much stronger commitment than one network that allowed this great, thought-provoking show to flounder. It won't die, because we're not willing to let it. Thank you, Mr. Garvin, for the nod to our efforts!

We are a strong, diverse community who loves Jericho, but also cares about helping others (sounds a lot like characters in the show!) Let's show our troops some love with Season 2 DVDs while we continue the fight to give Jericho the full, long, rich life it deserves at another network.


Jericho is thought-provoking, well-written and well-acted. It was a travesty to cancel the series after not giving it a chance to thrive in a decent time slot. I'd rather see Jericho season three on a network that is willing to give it a fighting chance to succeed on its own merits.

Don't make me go "Goetz" on you! :)


I love the comment on marines outside of Nina's office! What a hoot! Thanks for your article and for the laugh. As you have so rightly touched on, Jericho fans will not rest until a new home is found for it. We're not going away and have lots more letters, postcards, and peanuts at our disposal to mail out.


Yes! Go Jericho! Good to see some more publicity on my favorite (ex) CBS program.
Thanks for the mention!

Adriana (RobsoRocks/Adree44)

Great article, yes we're nuts! And they better listen! :)


Loved the commment about the Marines! Jericho fans are somewhat like the Marines in that we will NEVER give up on finding a new network for our show. Jericho is so much better than most of the trash on TV now. CBS really did Jericho a disservice with the hiatus, the different time slots and showing Jericho on different days of the week. Working hard for a 3rd season of Jericho!


Thanks for your kind words!
perhaps our next step SHOULD be contacting the Marines! :)

Sabina (Zajo at JerichoNet2)

Give Jericho love and you shall receive love =D


What a great article! Thank you so much for your positive words regarding our efforts to find a new home for this high-quality, thought-provoking program. Perhaps to CBS, 6+ million viewers (according to Nielsen) doesn't seem like much. And they were unwilling to include the masses who watched through Tivo, DVR, online, VHS recordings, etc. It is our hope that Jericho's new home station will include all of us in its numbers and be willing to put the show in a time slot that will be favorable and allow for more new viewers to catch it! We appreciate your mention!


Thanks for the article about Jericho. As a "ranger" or fan of the show, we are defintely relentless and creative. The fight will not be over, until we get a season 3 and beyond.


Great article!!
I really think CBS made a big mistake and hopefully this deal will work out for the better.


Thank you for your positive Jericho article! I don't think you will find a more dedicated bunch of fans, than those who love Jericho. We won't stop until we have several more seasons. A show this good is worth fighting for!


Jericho is one of the best dramas in a long, long time. I hope it gets another chance. Contact Nancy Telem at CBS-Paramount, 4024 Radford Ave., Studio City, CA 91604 if you want the story to continue.


first of all jericho has a lot of fans outside the US too....im one of them..i went through hell and high water to watch season 2 so im not giving up....thanks for the great article...JERICHO FOR EVER....


I just want to say that when the show was cancelled the first time, there were several articles stating we would never get Jericho back and look what persistance and loyalty did....we got it back for a shortened second season. Now, we are fighting again for our beloved show once more and we are still having some negative ninnies out there who think we are wasting our time. Jericho is a story that is very relevant in this time in the world and it is a story that needs to be told. I am sick to death of networks telling us(their bread and butter by the way) what we get to watch and what kind of programming we can watch!! Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Thank you for your article about our situation with Jericho and I hope that many kudos come your way....


Wow this is frekin awsome!!!!!! -Maldivian Fan-


BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!!!! It could be the beginning of the end for all these other dumb shows that are on tv nowadays! JERICHO shows everybody how a real quality tv show is done! Imagine if more and more shows with strong quality characters starts appearing on tv, it'll make lots of people see just how stupid all the shows that haven't been canceled really are!


BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!!!! It could be the beginning of the end for all these other dumb shows that are on tv nowadays! JERICHO shows everybody how a real quality tv show is done! Imagine if more and more shows with strong quality characters starts appearing on tv, it'll make lots of people see just how stupid all the shows that haven't been canceled really are!




Jericho was an awesome show that I'd love to see ComCast pick up. Thank you for helping put the word out on what Jericho fans are doing!


Jericho's "few" fans are definitely the best. If we can raise $11,000.00 in a few weeks to place an ad to save Jericho, maybe we can raise a few million dollars to help produce a show. Hey, it was just a thought. Anyway, Jericho is by far the best television has to offer and should be held up as a new standard of the way things should be. No more Big Brother, or whatever new reality show pops us. Give us good, quality shows with relevant storylines and intense plots. Give us shows with characters we care about, love and, sometimes, love to hate. Well, I guess I'd be happy, too, with anything with Skeet Ulrich in it. Thanks for the story.

Kay Ruben

Great artical, Love the visual of the Marines camped on Nina's doorstep.

Jericho is a great show and deserves another season. Who ever picks up this great show, will not be sorry. CBS doesn't seem to have the ability to stick or stand behind the shows it broadcasts. Which is a real shame, because there are always gems that just get shoved aside.

We will fight on.
a loyal Ranger forever.


6 million is not alot considering SVU had gotten over 9 million over Jericho's 2nd try. And the really bad thing about SVU getting more, is that SVU was in reruns.

SVU reruns got more viewers than Jericho, how bad is that?


This ain't over yet, not even close!

Joseph Strigle

CBS has no ideal what good programming is. They put the Unit up agaist Sunday night football so they can cancel it. There is Shark and Cane. These people are really nuts. Do they believe not everyone has a low ig to watch reality shows. That means more and more veiwers will watch CBS. They do not care.

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