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'Andromeda Strain': those who don't remember mediocrity are condemned to remake it, worse

Andromeda2 The Andromeda Strain is full of surprises. Every time you think it's merely bad, boring television, it offers up a moment of such exquisite stupidity that the existential bounds of the universe seem to shimmer and remake themselves before your very eyes. My personal favorite bit was when a biologist, told by a fellow scientist that a disease from outer space is about to obliterate humanity, nods and asks how his kids are taking the divorce.

But The Andromeda Strain has idiotic moments for every taste, or lack of it. Maybe you prefer the researcher who, at a loss to explain how a newborn has survived the disease, shrugs helplessly: "It's not like the baby was knocking back handfuls of acetosalicylic acid." (I dunno, doc; no telling what these crazy kids pick up on YouTube these days.) Or the unfortunate hippie who contracts the space germs when a mouse bites him on the bare butt as he squats behind some scrub brush in the desert. (Thus is the counterculture refuted!) Read my full review in the Miami Herald.


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