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Screen Gems: TV the week of May 25

Recount03_th Recount (9 p.m. Sunday, HBO) -- Just in case you were starting to forget how much fun the 2000 election was -- Hanging chads! Butterfly ballots! Everybody hates Florida! -- HBO has thoughtfully repackaged every painful moment as a movie, with Kevin Spacey, Ed Begley Jr., Laura Dern and just about every other star in Hollywood except Flipper and Gentle Ben, who, on account of being South Floridians, are still under a cloud of suspicion about the whole thing.

Shark Swarm (8 p.m. Sunday, Hallmark Channel) -- Sharks high on toxic waste eat practically everybody in a coastal town. The bad news: Darryl Hannah, Armand Assante and John Schneider survive. The good news: It's not in Florida.

The Andromeda Strain (9 p.m. Monday, A&E) -- In this two-part miniseries (it concludes Tuesday) remake of a 1971 film, outer-space germs attack the Earth, reducing humanity to a few ragged bands of freedom fighters armed with king-size bottles of Lysol. OK, I'm kidding; it's stupid, but not that stupid. Benjamin Bratt, Eric McCormack, Ricky Schroder, Daniel Dae Kim and Christa Miller star. As humans, I mean. The germs are all British guys from Masterpiece Theatre that you never heard of. By the way, miraculously, this one doesn't take place in Florida, either.

East of Havana (10 p.m. Friday, Sundance Channel) -- A documentary about Cuba's tenacious, outlaw hip-hop community, produced by Charlize Theron. Something tells me we're not in The Buena Vista Social Club anymore, Toto.


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