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30 years BC (Before Couric), there was Barbara Walters

Barbarawalters_mds_mcb She left The Today Show where everybody loved her for an anchor chair on an evening newscast. After months of hype over her gender and her paycheck, half the country tuned in to watch the first night. But the viewers never came back. The show stayed in a distant third place, right where it was before the network spent all that money on her, and soon the critics began sniping about her delivery, her interviews and -- as if it were some kind of sin against journalism -- her salary. Soon it wasn't a question of whether the plug would be pulled on her show, but when.

Nope, this isn't a story about Katie Couric and her troubles at CBS. It's about Barbara Walters, whose short and unhappy career anchoring ABC's evening newscast three decades ago was eerily, painfully similar. If there's one person in the world who truly understands what Couric is going through, it's Walters. Read my full Miami Herald story.


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