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Thursday: Toss another 'Survivor' on the barbie, mate

Survivor When you get out the grill this weekend, how about adding a few Survivor and Mole contestants to the charcoal? When Hormel Foods surveyed its customers, asking what irritating pop culture trends they'd like to barbecue to a crisp this summer, a gratifying 48 percent replied "reality shows," while 44 percent mentioned "baby-bump sightings on non-pregnant celebrities." (Better look out, Ashlee Simpson.) The other favorite culprits were mostly predictable -- black nail polish, animals that fit into designer purses, pop-star clothing lines -- but I confess myself perplexed that 32 percent of Americans hate leggings enough to want to douse them in lighter fluid and toss a match. Leggings? Ahead of, like, Paula Abdul?


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