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Univision si, The CW no

How bad was the 2007-2008 season for The CW? Bad enough that it finished behind Spanish-language network Univision. Well, let's make that "got clobbered by Univision." The Spanish net averaged an audience of 3.5 million viewers, a whopping 44 percent more than The CW's 2.5 million. In the 18-to-34 age bracket that The CW supposedly targets, it was even worse: Univision's audience was 64 percent bigger.

In fact, maybe this item is really about Univision's growing strength rather than The CW's weakness. The English-language nets talk about attracting younger viewers, but Univision actually does it: The combined 18-to-34 audience of ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW) was down by 14 percent this season, while Univision's was up 2 percent. When the industry talks about the Big Five nets these days, Univision ought to be one of the five.


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