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'Damages': Exit Ted Danson, enter William Hurt

William Hurt is coming aboard FX's legal thriller Damages, the first time he's ever taken a continuing Williamhurt role in a television series. Everybody at FX is a little hazy about the exact nature of his character, but he'll be a new client of -- oxymoron alert -- evil lawyer Patty Hewes, played by Glenn Close, his old chum from The Big Chill. They apparently share both a personal and professional past, which probably means he's a lying, murdering, thieving swine, not to make any value judgments on those qualities.

Hurt's addition to the cast comes as FX confirms that Ted Danson won't be around for the second season. That's not a huge surprise; Danson's heinous-but-not-quite-as-heinous-as-we-thought tycoon Arthur Frobisher got shot in the season finale last year and, it seems, did not survive. (Though in TV, you never know; four or five seasons from now, this could all turn out to have been a dream caused by a bad anchovy pizza.) Anyway, the 13 episodes of Damages' second season will start airing sometime in January, Hollywood's ever-present labor troubles permitting.


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