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Eurocinema, the channel for people who like subtitles

When Sebastian Perioche arrived at Harvard to start work on his M.B.A. 12 years ago, he was shocked. Sebastien25_eurotv_mdy_abf Everybody in Paris had told him Boston was one of America's most cosmopolitan cities, but he could hardly find a theater screening the films of Claude Chabrol, Pedro Almódovar or any of the other European directors he liked so much.

"I used to always say to everybody, ‘With all these cable channels, there ought to be one where you could watch foreign film,' '' he recalls. "And they would say, ‘What a great idea!' '' Loversamantesposter Such a great idea that Perioche finally tried it himself. And now his video-on-demand brainchild Eurocinema is in 20 million homes and adding half a million more every month -- and doing it by defying practically all conventional wisdom about the tastes and habits of American television viewers.

The channel, headquartered in a Brickell Avenue high-rise, offers no movies in English, no movies that have won Oscars -- in fact, just about no movies that anybody in the United States has even heard of. In a day when everything in television is built around marketing, this seemingly perverse thirst for obscurity is nonetheless paying off. Read my full story from Sunday's Miami Herald.


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