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Screens: TV the week of June 15

Penn & Teller's Bull- - - -! (10 p.m. Thursday, Showtime) -- America's most hilariously debauched investigative report returns for a sixth season, with erstwhile magicians Penn and Teller screaming Penntellerbs insults (well, Penn screams; the silent Teller makes faces) and ruthlessly pranking their interview subjects as they trample on conventional wisdom and sometimes even human decency. (I exaggerate not; they actually trashed Mother Teresa one week.) On the season opener, they bash censorious right-wingers, bluenose feminists and (just because it's easy and fun) boy-toy-turned-moral-crusader Donna Rice as they defend Internet porn. In the next couple weeks, the targets include NASA and the environmental movement. Hey, is anybody still reading this who isn't hopelessly offended? Then move on to the next item. . . .

Weeds (10 p.m. Monday, Showtime) -- Nancy Botwin, the cutest soccer mom /narcotrafficker/blackmailer /accessory-to-murder is reforming: She's no longer a soccer mom. As the blacker-than-black comedy Weeds kicks off its fourth season, Mary-Louise Parker's character has fled the suburbs as a full-blown fugitive from justice, and her family -- such as it is -- is hiding out in a little town near the Mexican border. Do not expect Ozzie, Harriet or the Cleavers to pop in to borrow a cup of sugar.

Psychic Kids: Children Of The Paranormal (10 p.m. Monday, A&E) -- "I see dead people!'' Shut up and do your homework.

OMG! Sextuplets! (10 p.m. Wednesday, WE) -- This new documentary series follows an Arizona couple as they try to conceive and then overdo it a bit. Kind of unrealistic, though: six babies, and not a single psychic or narcotrafficker in the bunch?

Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story (10 p.m. Thursday, WPBT-PBS 2) -- In 1977, a 13-year-old girl disappeared on her way home from school in Niigata, Japan. It took her parents 20 years to find out what happened: She had been kidnapped, along with a dozen other Japanese, by North Korean spies. Watching this documentary, airing as part of the PBS Independent Lens series, you may find President Bush's label of North Korea as part of an "axis of evil'' to be less fanciful than you thought.

Note: Days and times for PBS shows are for the Miami area, and may differ elsewhere.


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