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Serena and Blair officially banned from the Olympics

China is warning its own media to keep it clean during the Olympics. The government says it won't allow "obscene, sexual, superstitious or base" advertisements. "Advertising companies have a responsibility to society for propaganda and showing the country's image," a government communique warns, and adds that anybody who thinks otherwise will be "dealt with in accordance with the law," which should spook anybody who saw what happened to Richard Gere in Red Corner.

Gossip_girl_ad So I guess The CW's new ad campaign for Gossip Girl won't be coming to Beijing. When the show was coming back after the Hollywood writers'  strike last spring, the network got publicly raked over the coals for promos and ads featuring, in giant letters, OMFG. (That's teen textspeak for "Oh my firetrucking God," except the word firetrucking is five letters shorter.) Now, gearing up the fall launch of Gossip Girl's second season, The CW is using promos with the show's semi-clothed characters rutting around under captions like Every Parent's Nightmare, A Nasty Piece of Work and Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate, all lifted from public denunciations of the spring ad campaign.

By the way, China has also banned any ads that mention "sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security." Damn, there goes the Gossip Girl promo with Serena, Blair and Chuck arguing about Quemoy and Matsu.


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