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Iowa? Come in, Iowa? The Dish Network has lost you

Satdish As far as the Dish Network is concerned, hardball is still the national sport. Remember when Dish briefly dumped Court TV a couple of years ago in a dispute over programming fees? Well, it's happened again. This time the dumpees are four local TV stations in the Midwest who, in Dish's opinion, wanted too much money in return for their signals. The big ones are ABC affiliates WOI in Des Moines and KLKN in Lincoln. But Dish also said goodbye to ABC affiliate KCAU in Sioux City, Iowa and CBS affiliate WHBF in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois. All four stations are owned by Citadel Communications. My guess is that cooler heads will eventually prevail, just as they did in Dish's slap-fight with Court TV. But for now, all you folks in Iowa and Nebraska will have to get along without Flashpoint and I Survived A Japanese Game Show. Dammit, stop smiling!


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I'm so upset that Dish would do this. They need to get with the program. Customers will leave Dish. Duh! ABC is much larger and people follow shows, not Dish Network! I live in Iowa and am so upset by this. No Grey's Anatomy? Are you kidding me?!!!!

Andy Smith

Dish Network has the best deals!I love your post!


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