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Sarah Palin for veep? What about Geena Davis?

Palin_4 Geenadavis_2 If the news that John McCain had picked the young, relatively inexperience and something-of-a-maverick Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his Republican running mate had you scratching your head and thinking, Haven't I already seen this on TV?, you're probably not alone. That's exactly the plot of 2005 ABC's Commander In Chief -- or the first half hour of it, anyway. Then McCain -- errr, Teddy Bridges -- dies of a stroke and his vice president (played by Geena Davis) takes over the White House, threatens to go to war against Nigeria over female circumcision, Congress revolts and her appendix explodes while she's jetting around in Air Force One.

Rod Lurie, the producer who created Commander In Chief, thinks the Republicans actually stole his show. "It's unbelievable isn't it?" he told the Hollywood Reporter Friday. "I think that Geena and I need to be paid royalties by the Republicans." Commander in Chief portrayed Davis' character as heroic and the detractors who said she was young, inexperienced and possessed of too many X chromosomes as misogynist swine. But come on, Lurie says now, that was just a TV show. You wouldn't want to actually have a chick in the White House: "The idea of this woman actually facing down [Vladimir] Putin and negotiating with [Dmitry] Medvedev is idiotic."


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Barry Fitz

A woman masquerading as the President of the United States is a tenet which some may say is good for the country if some is defined as those who want men to fawn and women to rise above them
in power and glory if you believe in letting asinine things like that happen. Men have always
been in power since Biblical times. Women have usually tried to usurp them if the historical record is accurate. To claim that Geena Davis
is a role model for female political aspirations
is to say that a kiwi is nutritious vegetable which cannot possibly be true. Geena is a Hollywood notion. The most qualified people for political power are those who are responsible with a sensibility for justice and upright behavior toward their role and their constituencies. Hollywood has a history of being neither responsible nor sensible.


McCain and his advisors are ignorant in their belief that women will just vote for women, rather than choosing the best candidate to help run the country. Palin is clearly NOT qualified. She lacks both the education and experience. A council person, Mayor of a city of 9,000, and Gov of the smallest populated state in the Union for less than two years. McCain is 72 years of age and this county can not risk Palin's act as Commander in Cheif. Geena Davis, as member of Mensa would be more qualified. As an ex-Republican turned Independent - this has made my vote for Obama much easier.


I was twittering this comparison the very minute she was announced....then surprised her entrance music wasn't the theme song from the TV show. Life is imitating art. I hope in a good way (cause Geena Davis' did a very good job as President - well, her writers made her do it).


I am a Yale-educated woman with a very successful law practice and 3 children.

I would have voted for Hillary.

I'm grateful that McCain, whether is was for straight politics or just plain good sense, chose an intelligent, capable, hard-working woman of character when Obama was not so willing.

I WILL vote for McCain/Palin, not out of stupidity, but out of intelligence. No, I do NOT agree with EVERYTHING they say. But I did NOT agree with EVERYTHING Hillary Clinton said either.

Are you hardcore McCain/Palin-haters willing to tell me that in 1984 when the MAJORITY of women voted for the Republican candidates when Geraldine Ferraro was on the Democratic ticket that those women were exercising good judgment? Was GF so bad? I'd say they did NOT exercise good judgment. But NOW is their chance to make up for that and set up the most incredible opportunity to this country since 1920: Hillary Clinton vs. Sarah Palin 2012.

(Aaaahh, so Hillary supporters can still make her the first female president if they'd like.)

Don't call me STUPID because I decide to support the candidate I feel confident will do more for women than any of the other current alternatives.

Or... perhaps you would rather fight me in court where I promise (with a record of 83 wins vs. 6 losses, all being cases against male attorneys) I'll tear you apart.



One of the key plot points of "Commander In Chief" is that Geena Davis' character was asked to resign when the president was incapacitated, in favor of the Speaker of the House. Since the GOP obviously wouldn't want that scenario (not big Nancy Pelosi fans), if McCain gets elected, how long before Palin resigns "for family reasons" in favor of McCain's real choice?

M Martin

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