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Screen Gems: TV the week of August 17

The Judge and the General (11 p.m. Tuesday, WPBT-PBS 2) -- In Chile, 9/11 refers not to the World Screens17_judge Trade Center but to the country's own great trauma: the 1973 military coup led by Gen. Augusto Pinochet that toppled the democratically elected Marxist president, Salvador Allende. The coup launched a 17-year dictatorship, led to thousands of deaths and disappearances, yet was -- and still is -- supported by a significant segment of Chilean society. This documentary, airing as part of the PBS series P.O.V., views the coup and its aftermath through the eyes of a Chilean judge who, in 1998, launched an investigation of the deaths of two young leftists swept up by Pinochet's police.

George of the Jungle: Escape from Madmun Island (6 p.m. Sunday, Cartoon Network) -- This item is included for purely scientific reasons. Turn it on, then see how many hours (minutes?) your kids can chant George-George-George-of-the-jungle! before you take a baseball bat to them.

Kung Fu Killer (10 p.m. Sunday, Spike) -- How many times can David Carradine play that guy who first tortures his enemies with Zen aphorisms, then kicks the crud out of them? Kung fu scientists have calculated the number at 1.22 gazillion, which means even when this miniseries finishes up Monday night, we still have a bunch more to go. Daryl Hannah is along for the ride, too, but she's not playing a mermaid. At least, I didn't see her tail.

Thank You, Mr. President: Helen Thomas at the White House (9 p.m. Tuesday, HBO) -- A documentary on the cranky old wire-service reporter who tormented nine presidents with questions that were either incisive or idiotic, depending on your perspective, until they all wished they were home listening to their kids chant George-George-George-of-the-jungle!

The Principal's Office (9 p.m. Thursday, TruTV) -- This documentary series follows high-school principals as they patiently listen to kids' hoary old excuses for missing homework, smoke-filled restrooms and butts sticking out bus windows. It turns out that "my dog ate it'' doesn't work any better this millennium than the last.

The Cho Show (11 p.m. Thursday, VH1) -- After ABC drove salty comic Margaret Cho half-crazy with demands that she tone down the jokes and lose weight while shooting her sitcom All-American Girl back in 1994, she swore she'd never do another TV series. So just pretend this comic reality show is actually a chess match with punch lines.

Paths of Glory (10 p.m. Friday, Ovation TV) -- This 1957 drama, starring Kirk Douglas as a commanding officer defending three soldiers being court-martialed for cowardice, is Stanley Kubrick's take on the absurdity of war. It's followed at midnight by 1987's Full Metal Jacket, his unfortunately unintentional take on the absurdity of cliched war movies. With any luck, you'll have run out of popcorn and gone to bed by the time that one starts.

Note: Days and times for PBS shows are for the Miami area, and may differ elsewhere.


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