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Barack Obama abandons the cemetery vote

For some odd reason, ABC has been left out of Wednesday night's all-Barack-Obama-television Daisies marathon. The Obama campaign has bought the entire 8-8:30 p.m. time slot from CBS, NBC and Fox, for about $1 million a shot...but not from ABC. That's good news for ABC's Pushing Daisies, the poignant and charming comedy-drama about a pie-maker who can bring the dead back to life. (Insert your own joke about the McCain campaign here.) The show's ratings have been in steady decline this fall -- but now it gets the television equivalent of a free kick, an airing with essentially no broadcast opposition, unless it turns out that Obama is planning to burn Bill Ayres at the stake during his infomercial. (You think I'm joking, but the Obama campaign won't breathe a word about what it plans to air.) If Pushing Daisies picks up a couple of extra million viewers Wednesday, that pie-maker won't be the only guy who gets credit for raising the dead.


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Sally Faitning

Obama isn't going to burn Bill Ayers at the stake. More likely siphon more money through him to ACORN.


Perhaps this is Obama's first attempt at controlling news just as the Democrats are trying to limit freedom of speech by attempting to shut off talk radio since this is conservatives main source of speech. Next Obama will shut out Fox, then another, and so on until we will only have his approved media to view. That's what Obama learned from his communist mentor Frank Davis, plus "redistribution of wealth (Karl Marx)

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