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Casper the Friendly Senior Citizen, er, Ghost, now on DVD

CasperWendyYeah, Reaper and Fringe and True Blood are all lots of good gory fun. But it wouldn't seem like Halloween without Casper, the Friendly Ghost, who's been accidentally terrifying people he's trying to embrace for almost 70 years now. Luckily the folks at Classic Media, which owns all kinds of old cartoons, have issued two new DVD collections: Trick or Treat and Casper and Wendy the Good Witch Scare Up Some Fun. I've always like Casper, whose nerdy nonconformity to his ectoplasmic community inevitably strikes a chord with kids. Wendy, his blond girlfriend who popped up in 1954, is a different matter. What a little brown-noser! There isn't a kid alive who, given the ability to turn people into writhing toads, wouldn't use it on parents, teachers, older brothers and editors. The red hoodie is cute, though.


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