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Love me don't: A new bio rips John Lennon

D.H. Lawrence's famous dictum to trust the art, not the artist, has never truer than when it comes to Lennonbio rock and roll. From the dumber-than-a-stump Cher (for a long time, she thought the presidential faces on Mount Rushmore were natural rock formations) to the gets-his-U.S.-history-from-cereal boxes Bruce Springsteen (he thinks the country's been in a depression for the past 35 years), the rock world is full of people who songs are great and heads are empty.

Now it seems that the greatest rock icon of all was also the greatest hypocrite. Philip Norman's new biography John Lennon: The Life documents in painstaking detail the philandering love life, personal cruelty and financial ruthlessness of the guy who wrote All You Need Is Love. As somebody once wrote, It's the dirty story of a dirty man. Read my full review from Sunday's Miami Herald.


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