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Loving 'Dexter' -- and I mean LOVING him

DexterShowtime has always had a quick trigger-finger when it comes to series renewals, sometimes probably to its own regret. The middle-age-meltdown series Huff was renewed for a second season before its first episode had even aired -- which meant the network wound up carrying a show pulling in a microscopic 200,000 viewers per episode for two years. (I'm not complaining; I personally accounted for .00005 percent of the Huff viewing audience.)

But on Tuesday, Showtime did something extreme by even its own standards: Less than halfway through Dexter's third season, it renewed the show for a fourth and fifth year. I just hope Miami has enough serial killers to keep the show supplied for that long.


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Best series on TV & in Miyami, even better!

I highly recommend watching it...

9/11 was an inside job

checkout wtc7.net & watch the collapse videos

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Dexter, Great show but a little bit phoney. Filmed in Los Angeles not Miami. And a Puerto Rican cast playing Cubans.

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