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Sorry, Charlie: Dominic Monaghan leaves 'Lost' for 'Chuck'

I don't think it was a coincidence that Dominic Monaghan's character on Lost was named Charlie. A drug-addicted one-hit-wonder rocker who never got the girl and was always getting beaten up or kicked Charlie around by somebody, perversely targeted by fate (hit by lightning, sucked under by a riptide, blown up in a dynamite accident, electrocuted), he was the Charlie Brown of Lost -- more lovable every time Lucy yanked the football away. Lost fans love Charlie, more than anybody else on the show except the brooding hero Jack and the brooding anti-hero Sawyer, and even after he blew himself up to save the rest of the thankless castaways at the end of Season Four, everybody's been expecting him to come back.

Well, it's not looking good. Entertainment Weekly reports that Monaghan is joining the cast of the NBC spy spoof Chuck. And he's playing...a free-spirited British metalhead rock star targeted for death. But it's a completely different, insists Monaghan. For instance, this new guy's name is Tyler, not Charlie. And he's not trapped on an island surrounded by malign forces, he's trapped in a big-box electronics store surrounded by malign forces. So, there.

As for Charlie showing up on Lost again, Monaghan says carefully: "That's more of a question for [Lost producer] Damon Lindelof. I don't really have a huge amount of control over that." Seems significant, though, that Monaghan admits he doesn't watch Lost regularly anymore. "But of course I know what's going on,'' he adds quickly. Yeah, you're dead.


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