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Stop the presses! Lindsey Lohan fired from 'Ugly Betty'!

LohanbettyLindsey Lohan, who's been playing a mean girl named Kimmie from Betty's past on Ugly Betty, has been dumped -- her sixth and final episode wil air next week. Depending on which tabloid gossip you listen to, Lohan got the ax for:

** Bad acting. (Man, if that's going to start happening, prime-time TV will be decimated.)

** Not wearing underwear. (Hollywood's cool with that as a fashion statement, but this was allegedly on-camera, and I mean really on-camera, in a scene where Betty yanks down Kimmie's pants.)

** Trashing her dressing room. (Unforgivable, if true....It's, like, so 1982.)

** Obsessively cutting pictures of herself out of tabloids and pasting them in scrapbooks. (Apparently this transcends even Hollywood's tolerance level for narcisscism.)

For a, God help us, in-depth report, complete with some Lohan clips from Ugly Betty, check out Kristin Dos Santos' blog at E! Entertainment. But don't come whining back here if your eyeballs explode.


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Thank God. That was one storyline that went on five episodes too many. Any time she shared a scene with someone Lohan brought everyone else down with her.



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