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Forget the turkey, let's get TiVo with double anchovies

Tivopizza Your TiVo cannot have sex with you -- yet -- but it's pretty much otherwise replacing every function of the significant other. Latest development: It's learned how to cook. Well, not exactly, but it will bring you a Domino's pizza, the first of a new wave of TiVo services only nominally connected to television.

Here's how it works: If you've got a broadband-connected TiVo, just look for the Domino's ad, then click the little "Order your pizza" box. Up pops a list of crusts and toppings; choose what you want, and your order will be delivered -- theoretically, at least -- in half an hour or less. (You can even track its progress on TiVo.) If this becomes a habit, you can make the process even faster by setting up an account at Dominos.com. Talk about TV dinners.


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