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Travelin' man

FreeThe Chicago superstation WGN is producing a show next year called Around The World For Free in which Alex Boylan is traveling 45,000 miles through 16 countries on four continents over 159 days and supposedly doing it without spending a penny. All I can say is he's evidently not traveling through San Francisco, where a cup of coffee at the airport costs $3.50. Which I happen to know because I'm about to get on a plane there and fly to Miami. So either Alex Boylan is crazy, or I am. Talk about it amongst yourselves for a while. We'll discuss it further when I'm back. And if I see Boylan slamming back martinis at the airport bar, I'm going to slug him.


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So, how did the Cardinals do?

BTW, avoiding the cemetery, in order to safeguard the jewelry, as you suggested. Thanks.

Mike & Anne

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