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Screen Gems: TV the week of November 30

Marijuana Nation (10 p.m. Tuesday, National Geographic) -- Reefer madness lives! It may have lost Dope much of its media allure, but marijuana is bigger than ever. Perhaps two million Americans have toked up this year, according to this episode of the documentary series Explorer that examines cannabis chic from California (where, under the guise of medical treatment, marijuana has practically attained de facto legality) to Canada (where reporter Lisa Ling visits an industrialized grow house that produces a strain of the drug so potent that you can get wrecked on the amount baked into a single cookie).

Britney: For The Record (10 p.m. Sunday, MTV) -- This documentary, MTV boasts, at last allows Britney Spears to "tell her side of the story in her own words." That is, she was too wearing underwear. And that baby's a really good driver, at least compared to Lindsay Lohan.


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"...under the guise of medical treatment..."

Is that how the show presents it or did you just make a political commentary?

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