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'Scrubs' returns Jan. 6 on ABC

In one of those peculiar decisions brought on by the tangled finances of Hollywood, where one network Coxscrubs frequently finds itself airing a show made by another, NBC's much-loved-but-not-very watched medical sitcom Scrubs is moving to ABC for its eighth and final season. It will kick off Jan. 6 with Courteney Cox (unemployed since FX dumped her rambunctious life-at-a-tabloid series Dirt) playing a hot but ethics-challenged doctor -- a role that will continue for a few episodes. Meanwhile, ABC is trying to get viewers used to the switch by streaming old episodes of Scrubs starting Nov. 24. I'm sure all seven of the people who watch Scrubs will appreciate it.


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I'm excited. I loved Scrubs right away, but did fall away from watching it the 6th season. Then got back into it the 7th season. However, that was a very weird season, I guess, because they thought it was their last. I hope they bring it a bit more down to Earth with a goofy spin.

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