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What really goes on at those Oscar parties...

I'm often asked why Connie Ogle and Rene Rodriguez would want to review films for the Herald when TV is so much better. "Really, how many Adam Sandler movies can one person sit through?" people wonder. Well, part of the answer is that it beats living under freeway overpasses and eating government cheese, which is what they were doing before they wandered into the newsroom by mistake one day and were accidentally hired by an editor who thought he was ordering takeout food..

Drdo But it's also true that being a film critic means you get to go to cool parties. I've just been reading Mark Harris' book Pictures At A Revolution: Five Movies And The Birth Of The New Hollywood, an account of the five films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar of 1967 -- The Graduate, In The Heat Of The Night, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, Bonnie And Clyde, and Dr. Doolittle. I was particularly fascinated by Harris' account of the final shooting days on Dr. Doolittle, when star Rex Harrison and his wife Rachel Roberts went to party at the hip Los Angeles nightclub Bistro. Among the other guests: William Wyler, Jimmy Stewart, Billy Wilder and their wives.

Harrison amused the crowd by "singing obscene lyrics about his penis to the tune of I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face," recounts Harris, "while Roberts, who was not wearing underwear, did handstands." I guess this explains some of the stuff at the last Herald critics' party.


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