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CNN: The hits just keep on comin'

That's "hits" in the Tony Soprano sense. For a guy who says his network is growing, CNN boss Jon Klein Stouffer sure does fire a lot of people. Atop the latest float in the pink-slip parade are San Francisco correspondent Linda Dornin (17 years at CNN), Headline News afternoon anchor Carrie Lee (seven years), Justice Department beat reporter Kelli Arena (14 years), Pentagon reporter Jamie McIntyre (16 years), his backup Kathleen Koch (eight years), and my favorite CNN Headline anchor Linda Stouffer (11 years). I wonder if CNN is letting Stouffer take her real name -- Cinnamon, honest, which she used when she an anchor at WSVN-Fox 7 back in the day -- with her. 


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I'm sure there's always a seat for Cinnie at Deco Drive...

Mark Eisemann

Fired Linda Stouffer? Who is the moron who made that move? She is a great anchor and one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen on tv news, or just about anywhere else for that matter. Bad move. But you know what? She will excel no matter where she goes.

Boss Tweed


I'd knock the ass right outta her

Quayshaun Peztoli

Linda Stoffer is THE BEST anchor of all time amazing,now at WSB-TV linda masters all broadcasting componets, and makes journalism bright!, if you watch WSB-TV weekend anchor John Bachman you can see that he is jealous-Even shaking his head because he cannot believe that a woman kills him on air!

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