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Fred Thompson moves to talk radio

Fred Thompson, who's bounced between show business and politics for the 20 years, is going to try Thompson combining them. He's taking over the talk-radio slot in the Westwood One network's lineup that was left empty by Bill O'Reilly's departure. The Fred Thompson Show will air from noon to 2 p.m. weekdays beginning March 2. Thompson's been a lobbyist, a congressional counsel, a U.S. senator, a movie star (Marie, No Way Out) and a TV star (141 episodes of the various Law & Order shows as folksy prosecutor Arthur Branch. His career as a presidential candidate was brief and breathtakingly futile -- he dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination in January 2008 without winning a single delegate -- but Thompson nonetheless has lived in the White House...or at least, his vocal cords have. Thompson did the voiceover of Andrew Jackson's letters in the 2001 PBS documentary Rachel and Andrew Jackson: A Love Story.


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