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Just saying no to another Hollywood strike

Strikesign_3The Screen Actors Guild, at an impasse in contract talks with Hollywood studios, votes Jan. 2 on whether to authorize a strike. Though I never underestimate Hollywood's attraction to radical chic or its wildly self-destructive impulses, I'm beginning another catastrophic strike may be averted. Check out the collective star power of the actors who signed a statement Monday denouncing the idea of a work stoppage: George Clooney, Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman and Tom Hanks, just to name a few of the 130 or so names.


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The SAG Solidarity List is just as heavy and impressive with some A-listers and very well known actors from television.

After reading many news articles for the yes vote and the no vote, it feels like the West Coast will overhwhelmingly approve the strike auth and most of SAG NY will oppose the strike auth.

In any case, SAG needs a new contract since there are provisions in the one they have now that don't cover new media.

And let's be honest here: the AMPTP will not honor any new media items in the new contract since they have not honored the same items in the WGA contract. The AMPTP is just as "honorable" as the failed banking and auto indsutry execs.

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